Classic Sampler 6 Pack • V/DF*

Classic Sampler 6 Pack • V/DF*

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2 Chocolate, 2 Vanilla, & 2 Cookie Butter pints. The perfect party does exist.

We've made the first plant-based ice cream that is indistinguishable from dairy. Our ice cream is crafted in a kitchen from 100% plants and always Non-GMO.

Cookie Butter: Swim in the velvety river of vanilla sweetness. Discover chunks of cookies so golden, you’ll feel like a miner.

Chocolate: It's chocolate, with a hint of chocolate, and a touch of chocolate. Rich, creamy, and decadent, without compromise. So creamy, even cows are jealous.

Vanilla: It's vanilla. Tastes just like vanilla. And that's the whole point.